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Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize. Then say hello to your new radiant glow. SilkSkin now adds nutrient-rich Moringa Oil to an already dynamic blend of skin-nourishing ingredients. Gentle enough for all skin types. It’s your three-minute secret to softer, silkier, younger-looking skin.

  • 4oz Cleanser
  • 4oz Toner
  • 2oz Moisturizing Emollient

$82 Value

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Cleanse with SilkSkin Cleanser, Restore with SilkSkin Toner and Nourish with SilkSkin Moisturizing Emollient

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Comments ( 26 )

  • lncorde says:

    My Daughter-In-Law just asked me why I don’t have Wrinkles at 68 years old? I told her because I use SilkSkin.

  • dianne.sostorics says:

    My skin is felling wonderful after one use of the 3 Minute Skin Care system. I am so happy with it.

  • allittle1 says:

    I am 71 years old and no one believes it. People think I’m in my late 50’s. I don’t have a wrinkle on my face, around my eyes or mouth. I believe it’s because of using the SilkSkin Three Minute Skincare products.

  • Sherry says:

    I have been a customer for thirty years and have always order the Three Minute Skincare Kit. The products are the best for my skin and nothing else compares to it. The value for price is fantastic when someone realizes the benefits.

  • Martha says:

    I love the SilkSkin kit and the Lift Complex. I don’t have a wrinkle on my face and I am 58 years old. No one cane believe it and SilkSkin is the reason. I’ve used the SilkSkin kit since 1987 and LOVE IT!

  • lwilmit19 says:

    There’s nothing that compares to the SilkSkin Three Minute Skincare System.

  • nancygpetersen says:

    The SilkSkin kit is the greatest. The Toner is the best ever.

  • jglewis says:

    The SilkSkin kit contain the best products I have used for my face ever. I receive compliments on how lovely my skin looks everywhere I go. I love them!

  • midirobin15388 says:

    The SilkSkin Kit is the absolute best!

  • annesalatnay says:

    I have never found better products than the SilkSkin kit!

  • nancygpetersen says:

    Every time someone asks me my age, which happens quite often, I tell them they can’t believe my answer because I look so many years younger than my actual age and I owe all that to the SilkSkin products.

  • emontez211 says:

    I have never been disappointed with the SilkSkin kit or any of the SilkSkin products. People say I don’t look my age and I owe it to SilkSkin.

  • m.holden says:

    I just love these SilkSkin products! The SilkSkin kit is better than anything else our there for my skin.

  • donareyesmusic says:

    The Kit is a wonderful product. I have been using it for years, It does really make your skin feel and look young. It is a great feeling to have a healthy skin and Silk Skin helps my skin so much.

  • ijackman2005 says:

    I’ve been using the SilkSkin Kit for 23years and nothing is better for my skin. Everyone says I’m not getting any older. My skin owes it to SilkSkin.

  • annesalantnay says:

    The SilkSkin Kit does miracles for me and I’m seventy years old. I love the products.

  • anthonymroz says:

    The SilkSkin Kit…I love it!

  • blackblackenterprises says:

    I love the SilkSkin Three-Minute Skincare Kit above all others that I have used for my skin.

  • nancysmith37 says:

    These products are just Great!

  • ebushiii says:

    I have had many people ask me what I use to keep my skin in such great condition and looking so young. I get to tell them proudly that the SilkSkin Kit is responsible.

  • marygenisis says:

    I started using the SilkSkin kit when I was 33 years old and and today I am 60. Love is the word for these products.

  • rroutledge1072 says:

    I’ve tried all kinds of products for my skin and nothing makes my skin feel as clean and nice as the SilkSkin 3 Minute Skincare kit.

  • nancysmith37 says:

    I’m 83 years young and people think I don’t look over 65. I owe it all to the SilkSkin 3 Minute Skincare System.

  • gillrachael23 says:

    I love this SilkSkin kit, and have been using it for 25+ years. I receive compliments about my skin all the time and I know it’s from using theses products regularly.

  • brndtlws says:

    I ordered the SilkSkin kit while I was in my late 30’s and early 40’s and it was the best I ever tried. My face was glowing. It was remarkable. Then life steps in and you are busy taking care of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and have no time to really take good care of yourself. I’m now 75 years old and just ordered the SilkSkin Kit and know that I can improve my skin with these products. Thank you.

  • j.mccarthy says:

    I absolutely love the SilkSkin 3 Minute Skincare Kit and so thankful to my friend who introduced me to it.

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