How can SilkSkin promise to give you younger looking skin in as little as 5 days?

"It makes my skin feel like Silk!"

That's what one of the leading ladies on "Dynasty" said about Bob Sidell's moisturizer. It's been called SilkSkin ever since--but for many years, only privileged Hollywood insiders had access to it.

SilkSkin works where other products fail because it employs the principles of HOMEOPATHY. The primary ingredients in SilkSkin are natural, plant based and have been used for centuries to encourage the body to heal itself. Any dermatologist will tell you: AGING skin is DAMAGED skin. SilkSkin can fix it!

Only SilkSkin has the one-two punch of Biohexol and Glucose Glutamate. Biohexol, SilkSkin's proprietary combination of homepathic medicines, addresses the four primary skin concerns: 1) loss of firmness; 2) discoloration (age spots, freckles, blotchiness);
3) acne and 4) rough, dry scaly texture.

Instead of lying passively on the surface, Glucose Glutamate helps SilkSkin to draw moisture INTO THE SKIN. It plumps up your skin with moisture, smoothing the surface and reducing the look of fine lines.